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UMIDITA is proud to provide experiences that generate more connection and encourage people to feel the best they can. Beauty is a positive side affect.

A Bit About Our Beginnings 

Layla McArthur, the creator of UMIDITA LLC, was invited by the CEO of The Reggae Festival Guide, to be involved in the hospitality design and green room set up for the Reggae Festival industry in 2010.

Layla gained recognition in 2011 when a few members from the band The Original Wailers requested UMIDITA skincare to be available at Whole Foods Markets. 

This cosmic work experience lead Layla to take her product to market, creating the UMIDITA line of sustainable skincare.

The honor was a dream come true for Layla who as a young teenager discovered a Bob Marley compact tape in a music sale bin outside of TOWER records at Coddingtown Mall. She would listen to Bob Marley while her sons were young and traveling in sports. It was a special moment in time when they got to experience backstage, being warmly greeted by the Original Whalers and Ziggy Marley. in 1990. She has always had great admiration for his humanity, and his family connections.

"Working with the Reggae Industry will always be a treasure to me in my life." -Layla McArthur Creator of UMIDITA LLC

One of the biggest honors UMIDITA received, was being  befriended by and chosen to participate in such a historical journey, called on by one of the most talented & celebrated artists and collectors, in the world, tattoo artist & explorer, Lyle Tuttle.

Inviting UMIDITA to to tour his tattoo shop in San Francisco, Ca, to teach his artists about skin cancer awareness techniques & proper aftercare applications & instructions. 

Lyle's first shop he worked for was Bert Grimm's at 16 Cedar Way, Long Beach, Ca on "The Pike".

After tattooing in Anchorage and Fairbanks, Alaska and California,Tuttle opened up shop in 1960 at 30 7th St., in between Mission and Market Streets, also referred to as South of Market, San Francisco. Tuttle worked for 29 and a half years, until the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake caused the building to be yellow tagged. The shop reopened soon after at 841 Columbus Street and operated as a studio and museum for a time.

Lyle Gilbert Tuttle (October 7, 1931 – March 26, 2019) was an American tattoo artist and historian of the medium, who had been tattooing since 1949. He tattooed Janis JoplinCherJo BakerPaul Stanley, Jeff Scranton, and many other American musicians, actors, and celebrities.

Lyle choose to endorse & promote UMIDITA, using Ink Lover Tattoo Care by UMIDITA on his historical trip to Antarctica, where he would be the first and only tattoo artist to tattoo on all seven continents. This is a record that can NEVER BE BROKE.
This was an extremely important trip to him, and out of all his explorations, LYLE considered this his "greatest voyage". "Thank you for always being such a huge supporter a believing in my vision Lyle.
It was a relationship that was fostered by a love for the arts, tattooing, and an opportunity to provide a more professional & holistic option for the industry." Layla


"Thank you so much!

I really appreciate it. Your product Ink Lover Tattoo Care is amazing, I have never used a product that I was really happy with when it came to treating my new ink.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product.

The best healing properties available."

-Kaycee P.


"Just got back from Colorado with the driest skin ever! This product is AMAZING, Fine Wine Daily Moisturizer is the BEST!"- Diana

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