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The UMIDITA T.A.A.S.C FORCE CERTIFICATION is an opportunity for you to be part of our collective effort to provide informative, preventative materials to "skin" related industries surrounding skin health, skin cancer awareness, & easy step by step self skin checks.

1 out 5 Americans will develop skin cancer by the age of 70. THIS CERTIFICATION WILL SAVE LIVES.

This 3 day workshop/certification is educational, motivational, & hands on.

Certifications are by individual invite only, exclusive to our professional referral list, & is always first come first serve. 

This intensive 3 day certification workshop focusses on the basic fundamentals of skin health wellness, techniques for creating a space that supports self care, and prioritizing essentials into easy, relaxing rituals. 

You will learn old world skin philosophies, spa benefits, and how assist your clients in discovering new ways to promote healthy skin-cells.

 Aiding education in self monitoring of problematic skin concerns, not limited to but  targeting, skin cancers through teaching vital early signs, along with professional guidance, increasing knowledge surrounding  resources.

Created to guide in the prevention of dangerous forms of hereditary skin cancers, general forms of skin cancers, melanoma, and providing tools for clients to address their overall skincare needs. 

UMIDITA LLC was created by Layla M. McArthur who has been a world acclaimed and trusted educational partner to the most prominent names in their industries, and continues to provide the highest standards, inspiring spaces for learning and enrichment experiences.

All workshops are held in private spa like setting for optimal enjoyment and mental detox. You will enjoy fresh meals, experience one of a kind relaxation treatments, and indulge in tropical pleasures of Hawaii.  

Joining the UMIDITA T.A.A.S.C FORCE is a way for skin professionals to gain increased credibility, and access to private label UMIDITA products, links to educational materials, & future state of the art UMIDITA Spa events/workshops/retreats hosted in Hawaii, at 20% off 

regular booking prices.

Add another dimension of support, professionalism, & education to your business.

Become someone's super hero, be part of the UMIDITA T.A.A.S.C FORCE.


reduced rates for members. 

T.A.A.S.C stands for "Tattoo Artists Against Skin Cancer"

  • Sharing the importance of doing a skin self-exam involves educating clients about checking their skin for any unusual growths or skin changes. A skin self-exam helps find many skin problems early. Finding skin cancer early may give you a better chance for being cured. 

  • Self Exams Save Lives-when caught and treated early, skin cancers are highly curable. And in the early stages of skin cancer development, you’re the one with the best chance to see changes. Self-exams are a simple way to look at yourself with a new focus that can save your life.


UMIDITA Presents
Tattoo Artists Against Skins Cancer Certification


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OF 5

Americans will develop skin cancer by age 70.

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