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The Inspiration Behind Umidita

 "UMIDITA Skincare evolved after a dear friend received news from her doctor she had skin cancer. This news inspired me to spend my life work learning more about prevention & natural solutions. I discovered while researching, that there are several things that you can do to prevent your skin's healthy skin cells from breaking down.

The more I learned the more I started wondering why it was so hard to find the types of quality skincare our bodies thrive from, and why there was so many horrible things on the shelf. 
You pretty much have to go to a spa halfway around the world to get the types of treatments I was researching. All of the most beneficial ingredients came from places close to the equator like the Mediterranean. Places like Greece, Italy, Brazil. Hawaii, and Tahiti all known for their superiorly healthful ingredients. 

I want to honor these traditions & make these abundant concoctions accessible to friends, family, and the community... so that's what I did. The encouragement I got to move forward and take my products to market was overwhelming! Truly an authentic evolution, the people all along the way are really what make UMIDITA what it is. Special!

My love for sharing these philosophies and techniques has lead me to develop sustainable spa grade skincare routine to help people gain a better understanding of how to help their skin thrive on deeper, more beneficial levels, that enhance selfcare wellness."

My Purpose

 SPECIALIZING IN TATTOO CARE- "From the start UMIDITA has always been a dedicated leader in establishing an elevated sustainable skincare routine for the tattoo/PMU beauty professionals, & their clients needs. To support & educate them on how & why it is important to maintain your skin for many health reasons. Many health problems can be seen early on, in our skin. Leading the way for tattoo care to be taken seriously by raising and surpassing health & safety standards in the field.


Knowing how to properly prevent skin damage and even skin cancers by learning about skin cell breakdown is essential, as we can slow this process.


It has been beyond my great honor to be called on & work side by side to share this important information with respected tattoo studios/artists, make-up artists, permanent make-up artists, spas, salons and skincare professionals. They have great influence in numbers and work so intimately with their clients to achieve a common goal. I believe we need to spend more time on education & prevention.

Routine skin check-ups can make the difference and save lives." 


We all know someone who has suffered from severe skin issues.

There are methods that help on a much deeper level, naturally.

UMIDITA is all about honoring nature, creating wellness, and encouraging families to put themselves first." -Layla Creator of UMIDITA LLC

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