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Our Riddle

At UMIDITA it is all about understanding that with beauty there is a bigger picture. Beauty is the dagger, but it is also the halo.

Stepping back you are able to see more than right up close, but right up close you can see the truth. So sit back and enjoy the view.  Layla McArthur Creator of UMIDITA

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Yes, we all want to be beautiful, but lets get deeper. Skin health is an important part of our overall health.This Project is dear to our hearts. We feel a great responsibility to share what we know about the early detection & prevention of problematic skin conditions and skin cancers, and would like to share with you.

Some of you will see your clients 50-70% more often than they will see their own physician. 

Keeping an eye out for our clients is something we feel can make a huge difference in peoples lives. It may even save someone's life.

Learning the early signs and detection to problematic skin concerns will create more understanding and trust between you and you customers.

Another way to engage your customers on a genuine level, and to let your clients know that you take your role as a professional in their life serious. 

Give your clients even more peace of mind.


Project "Lyle"

Commissioned Skincare for a TATTOO GIANT & his world famous trip to ANARCTICA  

Q: How does a small town girl land the deal of hear dreams with a tattoo guru? 

A: Having a product that made him rethink  aftercare, and what it should be in the future. You know...the stuff dreams are made of. 

Project UNICEF


It is always going to take a village. Spa for a Cause is an opportunity for us to give back in a way that advocates for humanity. Through small acts of kindness, may we add more opportunities for learning, healing, joy, and hope.

Project Maui

Spa for Paws MAUI

The Maui Humane Society is in desperate need of foster care homes, volunteers, and most of all adoptions. Since covid the island has experienced a huge shift in families not being able to keep their animals. With so many people's situations changing, the Maui Humane Society  is at full capacity, making it very difficult to have space for all the animals needing homes.

Our goal is to help raise money for a 2nd location on the West Shore, for these animals to gain access to more opportunities to find forever homes.

 We all know that dogs are a mans best friend, but did you know that health spa treatments are a great second place? 

Now your self care routine can help our furry friends when purchasing from our Spa for Paws MAUI Collection. 20% from all proceeds goes directly to the Maui Humane Society.

A fun project tha gets the whole community involved!

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