"Fine Wine Daily Moisturizer" was hand picked by Kandee Johnson(celebrity make-up artist), as one of her favorite moisturizer sand was included in her Summer must have video

Such a huge honor!! Thank you Kandee!

Be sure to check out her super talented videos and follow her on youtube for amazing make up tips!

We are also very excited 

named Umidita

 "The Best Kept Secret In Tattoo Care."

Be sure to check them out for news and updates in the field. We are not aftercare, we are




My Purpose

in creating Umidita was to educate people about why it is important to maintain your skin for many health reasons. Many health problems can be seen early on, in our skin.


Knowing how to properly prevent skin damage and even skin cancers by learning about skin cell breakdown is very important to me, as we can slow this process.


I appreciate every single person who has allowed me to work side by side to share this information. That's why it was important for me to work with people like tattoo artists, make-up artists, permanent make-up artists, spas, salons and skincare professionals because they have great influence in numbers and work closely with their clients to achieve a common goal.


We all know someone who has suffered from severe skin issues. There are methods that help on a much deeper level.

Umidita is all about honoring and creating wellness, and encouraging families to put themselves first.

Photo by Roberta Alverez Photography

"The Art Of Fine Skincare"

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"Earth Becomes Beauty"
Umidita is a cruelty-free brand. We do not conduct animal testing. All of our treatments are vegan 

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