"I bought your Umidita oil. I love your Fine Wine Daily Moisturizer and I love the power of creating something amazing and helping people out! Your product is awesome! Huge hugs and thanks for making an awesome product!

"-Kandee Johnson- Celebrity make-up artist/beauty influencer


Photo by Kandee Johnson

I met you backstage at a reggae festival while you were doing treatments.

 I bought the 8 oz bottle of Fine Wine Daily Moisturizer.

 I want to know how to tell others how to find it. You've changed my life! Thank you!!!" -Erika Grady

"Nature's luxury!" -Philip Wolf-

Global Educator Salon Republic Hollywood, Ca


"People are loving the Ink Lover Tattoo Care already. We've been using it to great success, people seem to really respond to it!

 We'll be making a bulk order next time coming up so, you know it's going well!" -Amanda Leitch

 "I received my order on Monday as you had said...I will be sure to share it with someone special so they can fall in love with your products as I have!!

Thanks again ... Have a fabulous rest of your week!"- Happy Customer

Photo Junior Toots with Umidita
Photo Collie Buddz with Umidita

 "I finally found the right moisturizer!! I just placed another order for your Fine Wine Daily Moisturizer. 

I really love this product!  I love it because I'm 50 and my skin just looks and feels great after I use it."

-Courtney S.

"Thank you so much For the hand scrub!! I love all the products and want to continue using them and would love to buy more."

-Roberta F. 

One of the biggest honors for Umidita was being part of such a historical journey and getting to befriend one of the most talented & celebrated artists and collectors, Lyle Tuttle.
Lyle choose Umidita Skincare to take on his historical trip to Antarctica where he was the first and only tattooist to tattoo on all seven continents.This was an extremely important trip to him, and out of all his explorations, he considered it his great voyage.  Thank you for always being such a huge supporter a believing in my vision.

"I'm reaching out because Umidita is something that a client asked me about.

 I have heard artists praising this product line so when I inquired to one of them recently, he said another artist referred it to him and it is the best thing he has used in his 35 years of tattooing. 

Plus he said it helped him with some other skin problems he was dealing with for quite sometime. 

I own a private studio. Is there a way I can make this available to my customers?" -Austin, UK

Photo Art For A Cause/Lyle Tuttle

"This is the best package yet! They are awesome I love your product.

Best brains in the business.

Thank you so much."

-Isaiah, Hollywood

Isaiah "booboo" Negrete

  "You have been on my mind. Me and my skin love your products!"-Dajue

"Thank you so much!

I really appreciate it. Your product Ink Lover Tattoo Care is amazing, I have never used a product that I was really happy with when it came to treating my new ink.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product.

The best healing properties available."

-Kaycee P.

Photo Tattoo Louie, Umidita, Richard Rios

"I LOVE my Hand Candy Hand Scrub, my hands feel and look SO much softer! Thank you Umidita!"- Cynthya, Long Beach

 "Extremely pleasant and informative experience. 

The Hand Candy Hand Treatment is excellent."

-Dustin, Texas

"Ink Lover Tattoo Care is HEAVEN! The feel, the aroma, and the amazing results on healing tattoos are compared to none. Magic in bottle!"- Alex R.

"Just got back from Colorado with the driest skin ever! This product is AMAZING, Fine Wine Daily Moisturizer is the BEST!"- Diana

Photo VHFeatured Ink Lover Tattoo Care  In
Documentary Filmed At The Biggest Tattoo Show On Earth

"Being a tattoo artist for the last 26 years touring the world, I have heard and seen it all. Skin problems are real, and I am glad that there is finely a professional line of skincare that I can feel good about recommending. 

Thank you for taking it to the next level and making my customers your priority as much as I do." - Sergio 

Photo Mario Barth

"I had a relaxing foot treatment and a facial topped off witha glass of bubbly at the Umidita Skin Bar.  

My skin feels so soft. I just ran 9 miles and the Sole Focus Foot Treatment was just what I needed."

-Robin Lee