This is the ultimate luxury in all natural UV protection. Great for added coverage over SPF or perfect for those people who would like to avoid being exposed the SPF chemicals altogether. 

A favorite in Italy and Brazil. This exotic treat restores moisture lacking in sun-exposed skin. Because of its extremely rare and affective ingredients, it possesses a naturally occurring SPF factor. This unique, fruity blend is also derived from essential oils that contain a rare fatty acid called elestearic. This ingredient helps prevent the absorbtion of harsh UV rays by providing a protective barrier on the surface of the hair and skin, yet still lets you absorb much needed vitamin D.  It is superbly rich in vitamin E (tocopherols) and has one the richest natural source of pro-vitamin A available(carotenoids). Promotes healthy skin cell growth. Leaves skin moisurized, silky smooth and natural antioxidents and vitamins A & E, leave you in pure balanced bliss. See for yourself why these secret recipes are causing a sensation.


*A portion of the proceeds from this product will be donated to the NAACP. This organization is the first and largest grassroots-based civil rights organization. Peace, equality, and healing.

Sun Angle 8.5oz