Going to a spa and getting the royal foot treatment can be really expensive, but taking care of our feet can help us feel better instantly. I think it is a very important part of a healthy routine to spend a few times a month or week detoxing and soaking our feet. In regions of the world where they prescribe spa treatments as methods of healing the body, they believe detoxing is an important part of staying healthy and balanced. There are many benefits to taking a few moments each week to relax and soak away the stresses of the world. All you need is a warm tub of water, a couple of towels, and you can enjoy these time honored rituals in the comfort of your own home. This intensive blend of moisturizing/exfoliation is perfect for giving your feet and instant pedicure. Helps with soothing rough and dry feet, and provides a refreshing and minty burst of moisture. A secret hang over cure, known for flushing the system and detoxifying through the feet. This treatment is also great for circulation and provides relief to over worked foot muscles and tendons.

Happy feet make you feel extra sweet-

Sole Focus Foot Scrub