I am so happy to introduce my newest addition to the Umidita line. Umi Baby Love In A Bottle Baby Oil.
Baby's first spa treatment! Great for bath time or anytime.
Babies have the most delicate skin in the world. Their skin needs extra special care. Those sweet little cheeks, and those cute chubby legs. It doesn't get any better then that! Why not give them the best start possible for their skin? Did you know you can help them grow healthy skin cells? 
Never settle for synthetic products that use mineral oil, castor oil aloe or shea butter. Our delicate blend is full of mother nature’s love, and lots of skin protecting nutrients found primarily in holistic health spas in the Mediterranean. Our ingredients are always pure and natural, and exceed health and safety standards, giving you peace of body, and mind. Give your precious little ones a head start with this rare, nourishing moisture that carries long term benefits to the skin. Works wonders on baby bumps, peeling skin, diaper rash, cradel cap, and scratches from those teeny tiny fingernails. You can feel at ease knowing your baby is getting the best ingrediants possible.

Love In A Bottle Baby Oil