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"I had a shoot this morning and smothered myself in it! I just wanna take a bath in it... I love how it makes my skin feel!"
Model~ Amanda Nicole


You love your ink, so protect your ink! Ultraviolet rays drain the life out of tattoos. Ink fades and slowly goes from brilliant to boring. Your ink is an expression of you. Safeguard your tattoos with Ink Lover Tattoo Care and keep your vibrant colors popping for years to come. Ink Lover Tattoo Care provides you with a rare multitasking formula that will help promote healing and enhance the colors of both new and old tattoos.

Derived from a tree found throughout the Amazon basin and central Brazil, this botanical has long been used by the native Indians to heal cuts and wounds. The nut from this plant resembles a chestnut and has a very oil rich kernel in the center and it also possesses a naturally occurring SPF factor. These rich unsaturated fatty acids help to rebuild, moisturize and re-hydrate skin cells. It is commonly applied directly to cuts and burns, because of its soothing qualities and its ability to promote the formation of scar tissue.

Developed exclusively from unique oils found and used primarily in the Mediterranean, these extracts are extremely rich in vitamin E (tocopherols) and have one the richest natural sources of pro-vitamin A available (carotenoids). Carapa guianensis oil promotes circulation of blood in the skin and helps to relieve pain and swelling during injury, thus making it a favorite with tattoo artists in this region. It contains the component limonoid which is known to have antiviral, anti-fungal, antibacterial and insecticidal properties. 

*Our skincare is kept in glass or aluminum containers recommended for highest safety & health standards, as plastic containers absorb into lotions & creams.

*All ingredients are natural & safe for all skin types.

*Hypoalergenic, antibacterial, & anti-fungal.

Find out for yourself why UMIDITA'S Ink Lover Tattoo Care is causing a sensation.

Featured by super sensational tattoo icon Lyle Tuttle  

Ink Lover Tattoo Care (.15ml)


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