Three of the most relaxing, nurturing home spa treatments for you moms, dads, and baby to indulge in together. 

Relaxation can be a beautiful way to bond, and these rituls are meant to encourage more self love.

Inspired by the most prestine health spas in the world, experience the illuminating and up-lifting health benefits of fruit/vegetable based skin treatmetns. These luxurious, ultra absorpbant oils will rehydrate, moisturise, and nourish the skin on a cellular level.

The set includes deeply moisturizing Fine Wine Daily Moisturizer 8oz, exfoliating, energising foot application Sole Focus Foot Scrub 9oz, whilst your baby enjoys bath time or baby massage with Umi Baby Love In A Bottle-Babies First Spa Treatment 2oz.

Reward your skin, feel revitalised, energised and smoother with a radiant pre/after pregnancy glow. When your skin isn’t looking or feeling its best, treat it to Umidita.

 It’s the ultimate in pampering, that’s suitable for all skin types during pregnancy. 


Taking care of our largest organ is an important lesson we can share with our young ones so they can make healthy choices and be aware of healthier options. Caring for our largest organ should be a priority for overall body wellness.

Baby Makes Three Gift Set