Owner Of White Rhino Collective- Amanda Redleitch- A "Jill" Of All Trades Seattle, WA

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Transplanted from British Columbia, and raised in Renton Washington.   She started her Tattoo career in a small walk-in shop on the corner of 3rd and Main in 2011, being accepted as an apprentice and spending the following 2 years scrubbing tubes, scrubbing floors, and drawing feverishly in between tasks.  Amanda did her first tattoo on herself about a year into her apprenticeship, an opened birdcage on her inner calf.  It was the first moment in the time spent apprenticing, that she felt like she had made the right choice and that it would absolutely all be worth it.  That this career would bring her not only success, but fulfillment and reward.  From there, the mission statement began to change, from how could she find a career that could make her happy, to how could she build an environment that makes other people happy?  Fast forward 8 years to the beginning of 2020, drop kicked into an opportunity of opening and owning her own shop and business, with her fiancé by her

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