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In a world filled with ordinary, they dare to be EXTRAORDINARY- With pain comes beauty. Flesh Tattoos 905 was established in 2011. Owner/tattooist, Lola has been an artist in the industry for 20 years.

Her studio strives to make an impact in the community and in clients lives via art. 

They implemented the “Do Something for Nothing initiative” (@fleshtattoos905.dsfn) in 2016. 

Servicing clients whom have suffered scars due to self harm, illness and surgical scars, gang related and hate type tattoos, to receive free tattoo cover-ups.

The mentality is that sometimes our bodies no longer reflect who we are today, and everyone has it within themselves to give something, for nothing. They use their artistic talents for this purpose. 

We are a traditional tattoo studio. A little new school technology mixed with old school tattoo principles. Our passion is seeing our clients fall in love with their artwork; new and old! 

"Our passion is seeing our clients fall in love with their artwork; new and old!"- Lola

IG: FleshTattoos905 / FleshTattoos905.dsfn

93 Woodbridge Ave. Vaughn, Ontario

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