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Creator of Mental Health Wellness Toolbox, Dr.Jinxi Caddel Techniques To Fighting Anxiety Eugene, OR

When Dr. Jinxi Caddel was 16 years old, she saw a girl at Disneyland with a Cheshire Cat tattoo on her back. She thought that was the dreamiest thing she had ever seen, and knew from that moment that she wanted a tattoo as well. It took her almost 10 years, until she dove into the commitment and got her first tattoo, which was a few years after Jinxi's twin boys (Aidan & Shea) were born, and three years after her daughter (Brynn) was born. It started with a small tattoo on her ankle and from that point on she was hooked. Now, more than 25 years later, Dr. Jinxi is covered in tattoos from head (literally, her whole head is tattooed) to toe.

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