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Discover Umidita...

Umidita is the Italian word for moisture or humidity This is truly artisan skincare, an art form. These recipes are a main-stay in a majority of the most sought after health and beauty spas in the world.

The all natural fresh fruit and vegetable based botanicles I use have been nick named "youth serum" by the people of the Mediterranean. Many top models and movie stars use these secret treatments to maintain their youthful, radiant glow and like fine wine, are aging better with time. Instant results that last, that's what we all want, so here's my gift to you-Umidita.


I started experimenting making my own skincare in 2005 after I discovered a close friend had skin cancer.  I found several recipes made up primarily of ingredients grown in the Mediterranean where the land and soil are rich and abundant in many rare botanicals we do not have easy access to here in America. I am sharing them to benefit you as well.

Making A Buzz


Umidita's "Fine Wine Daily Moisturizer" was hand picked by Kandee Johnson(celebrity make-up artist), as her one of her favorite moisturizers and was included in her Summer must haves. video. Thank you so much for this honor!

She is THE ORIGINAL MAKE UP TURTORIAL GURU! Be sure to check out her super entertaining & fun videos. Give her follow her on you-tube for amazing make up tips! named Umidita 

"The Best Kept Secret In Tattoo Care." Be sure to check them out for news and updates in the field on artists and events.

We are not aftercare, we are FOREVER CARE.

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