In House Workshops

We bring the secrets of skin to you....

There are more reasons then ever to learn how to create a healthier environment...
Umidita makes it EASY as 1, 2, 3
Catering To Professionals
A Passion For Excellence

“When our employees hear that Umidita is coming to do a workshop, there is always so much enthusiasim!

Not only are they fun to be around, their knowledge of all things skin leaves even the seasoned artists some new nuggets of knowledge. The hands on approach to educating about skin is a huge asset to our professional strategy, and we are grateful to have the support.”

 "We are delighted for the learning opportunity Umidita provides, they are masters at their craft.

Truly an authentic look at skincare and time honored secrets to aging healthier from a holistic view.

My entire team can gain knowledge and inspiration without wasting time dealing with sales reps and gimmicks.

The workshops are relaxing, informative and engaging. We all feel invigorated and pampered, everyone walks away with a new  understanding and tricks you can use to benefit everyone you work with.”

“I love using Umidita workshops to improve my private tattoo studio atmosphere because the quality and passion for helping people is unmatched!

I host a lot of guest artists, and I get the best feedback about these exclusive treatments.

Being the owner of my own shop, it feels good to have another person who cares about the success of my staff and has the best interest of my clients at heart. 

The in-house workshops are very important to my business because they easily accommodate and educate my entire staff at one time so we can better serve our guests. 

I greatly appreciate how Umidita focuses on such a vast amount of knowledge shared in a way I can use directly with confidence." 

*All workshops are based on availability and start at $1200 (does not include T&E expenses).
Tattoo studios/salons/spas are responsible to cover all workshop T&E expenses.

"The Art Of Fine Skincare"

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"Earth Becomes Beauty"
Umidita is a cruelty-free brand. We do not conduct animal testing. All of our treatments are vegan 

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